LARKIN HATHAWAY, INC. is always looking for dedicated, hardworking individuals who are interested in building a life for themselves in the trades. By bringing in the right people through continuous workforce development, we're able to offer a higher level of service for our customers, but also ensure that our employees are happy with the work environment that we've created.

Since our establishment in 1989 we have provided equal employment opportunities to all that have an interest in being a team member. And we're proud to say that our employee retainment is exceptional with the industry.

We recognize the importance of education

Every year, we collaborate with area trade schools and ensure that their programs provide students with the skills needed to make a meaningful contribution in the workforce.

The relationships that we've built with these programs allow us to identify talent early and groom them for longterm success in the industry.

Interested in providing your students with real world experience in sheet metal HVAC? We'd love to expand our programs to schools across MA, RI, CT and NH. Contact us to learn more.

Massachusetts Career Vocational Technical Education

Current co-op programs...

  • Diman Regional Technical High School
  • Greater New Bedford Regional Technical High School
  • Bristol Plymouth Regional Technical High School
  • Joseph Keefe Regional Technical High School
  • Northeast Metropolitan Regional Technical High School
  • Assabett Valley Regional Technical High School
  • Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical High School

Follow the job track that you're interested in

There are numerous roles that need to be filled at the organization including Fabricator, Installer, CAD Engineer, Project Manager, etc.

To learn about the opportunities that are available, please contact the company directly.

A merit shop setting the standard in quality & teamwork

LARKIN HATHAWAY, INC. strive to set a high bar for quality and teamwork. As a merit shop, we subscribe to the following ideals:

1.  The company has a responsibility for the general welfare of the employee with fair compensation for work performed

2.  The employee has an obligation for working at a high level of quality, safety and efficiency

3.  The company will provide on-the-job training with experienced tradesman to create valuable, multi-skilled employees

4.  Company decisions will not be biased age, race, national origin, organizational affiliation, seniority, color, creed or sex.


Interested in becoming a part of our team? Contact us directly to find out what positions are currently available...