Design Assist / Design Build with Larkin Hathaway leads to efficient HVAC systems

Design Assist / Design Build

We work closely with general contractors, developers, engineers and architects to design effective and efficient HVAC systems. Need more help? We're available for design / build projects that demonstrate our expertise.

Our experience in the HVAC sheet metal inudstry means accurate Cost Development services

Cost Development

A successful building project hinges on a clear understanding of the costs involved. Our approach to cost development brings together a vast knowledge of construction with the latest technologies in estimation. When combined, we're able to provide an accurate cost that is well thought out and takes a number of factors into account.

Larkin Hathaway offers Coordination services including BIM and CAD


We use the most advanced software and robotic technology in our B.I.M. and C.A.D. systems for coordination. These tools allow us to provide advanced and complete information for our clients. Our robotic systems take the actual project information from a virtual concept out to the field. This is a great advantage in field planning and coordination which allows us to get started sooner.

Larkin Hathaway's Collaboration and Project Management leads to a successful project

Collaboration & Project Management

Years of experience in construction have allowed us to understand the importance of each aspect of a project. Our project management team works closely with the other trades' project managers, from pre-construction to close-out. Our goal is to find creative solutions to unexpected issues and successfully reach the milestones of a project on-time and on-budget.

HVAC sheet metal fabrication of industry standard pressure classes


We have the experience and capabilities to fabricate any of the types of systems that are in the designs of today's projects. These systems included industry standard pressure classes, double-wall, welded steels and PVC/CPVC, FRP and phenolic type systems. All of our manufactured materials are clean and free of debris. They are sealed at the time of manufacturing and delivered with care and quality in mind.

Field installation from licensed MA and RI sheetmetal workers

Field Installation

LARKIN HATHAWAY, INC.'s field installation team is made up of many licensed and trained tradespeople that currently have up to 40 years of construction experience. Their ability to understand and share knowledge of the various systems designed within a project is a key to our continued success in the HVAC industry. Our team members are educated, trained and licensed as sheet metal workers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our employees are also certified in Hot Works, OSHA, welding, rigging & signaling, lift and forklift operations, as well as specialized tools use, and material applications.

Larkin Hathaway provides a healthy learning environment through our Apprenticeship program


Our apprentices come from the area's best technical schools with programs focused on the HVAC industry. Apprentices on our team are registered with the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island apprentice programs and as they continue to work with us in their careers, we are proud to support them and provide the means of education working experiences towards their license requirements.

Our Logistics team gets materials onsite in the most efficient way possible


Logistics is an aspect of our business that we're proud to shine a light on. We pride ourselves on effective and efficient ways to get our materials on-site and on time. And once on-site, the logistics of material handling can and have an impact on a project's schedule. Whether it's deep inside of the structure of a project, or high up on multiple levels or a roof, count on our experienced Project Managers for clear communication regarding project schedule and budget. When problems or conflicts arise, our Project Mangers work quickly to find resolutions.


If you're looking for a quality subcontractor who's fully invested in the success of your project, contact LARKIN HATHAWAY, INC. today.